Our projects engage millions of visitors emotionally, physically and intellectually.

Our visitor attractions and experiences are designed to have fun and sometimes acquire new knowledge and skills through edutainment. They all have in common that they ensure our visitors having wonderful and inspiring times. Below is an outline of our activities, which cover the entire spectrum to develop, open and sustainably manage great visitor attractions.

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Creation & Design

Station 1 initiates, supports and manages the development and production of travelling exhibitions, permanent visitor attractions and stellar interactive and immersive experiences.

We blend cutting edge technologies, great design and captivating storytelling with tantalizing visual, audio and interactive elements.

Strategy, Partnerships and Management

Station 1 has a proven track record in successfully developing and operating visitor attractions and other entertainment projects.

Through our years of experience as promoters, producers and distributors of (travelling) exhibitions, permanent visitor attractions and large-scale entertainment projects, and our extensive network, we are excellently equipped to bring the most complex challenges to a successful conclusion.

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IP Network Station 1

Programming and Consultancy

Every day our specialists monitor which entertainment and retailtainment projects are in development around the globe. And which ones work as intended.

Station 1 is invited regularly to conference tables on every continent to advise on content and programming and often followed by realizing breath-taking experiences and programming in all its aspects.

International sales, transport and placement

Station 1 maintains excellent relationships with a global network of museums, exhibition venues, science centres, exhibition distributors and owners/representatives of Intellectual Property (IP).

Services we provide include – but are not limited to – venue and feasibility assessment, exhibition sales and placement, contract negotiations and transport.

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