The world is our playing field, storytelling and entertaining people our passion, capturing audiences is in our DNA.

Station 1 creates, produces and manages high-quality visitor attractions, touring exhibitions and interactive experiences for any kind of venue: museums, galleries, exhibition centres, shopping malls and other commercial venues across the world.

Our award-winning team has developed innovative entertainment concepts for decades, which we successfully presented in a variety of venues around the world, attracting millions of visitors.


Concept, design and production.

Station 1 initiates, supports and manages the development and production of travelling exhibitions, permanent visitor attractions and overwhelming interactive experiences. Our goal is to create experiences that engage visitors emotionally, physically and intellectually by integrating cutting edge technologies, great exhibit design and captivating storytelling, with tantalizing visual, audio and tactile experiences.

The travelling Meet Vincent van Gogh Experience, a co-production between the Van Gogh Museum and our subsidiary ArtComm, is awarded the prestigious Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement – Immersive Touring Museum Exhibit


Strategy, partnerships and communications.

Station 1 is an experienced partner in the marketing of visitor attractions. Through years of experience as promoters of travelling exhibitions, permanent visitor attractions and large-scale entertainment projects, as well as through our extensive network of international promoters,  we can assist you in your marketing communications.


International sales, transport and placement.

Station 1 has excellent relationships with a broad network of international museums, exhibition venues and science centres. This network is essential to our success in the worldwide distribution and placement of exhibitions.

Services we provide include – but are not limited to – venue and feasibility assessment, exhibition sales and placement, contract negotiations and transport.

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Our goal is to create and manage experiences that engage millions of visitors emotionally, physically and intellectually.
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